Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Rally in Tally & Public Service Ad Campaigns

American Advertising Federation – Fourth District Legislative Rally

This week Tampa Bay Advertising Federation and Ad 2 Tampa Bay members (myself included) will head to Tallahassee to join with the other 20+ AAF chapters around the state to visit our local state legislators for the Rally in Tally.

Each year we make this visit on behalf of the advertising industry to talk with our elected officials about the various pro-bono public service advertising initiatives we take on each year.

Each year countless hours and immeasurable creativity is donated to the promotion of non profits around the state by individuals and advertising agencies.

These pro bono campaigns allow non profits to reach more people and assist in raising more private dollars for support.Ad 2 Tampa Bay this year is working with Wheels of Success and the TBAF is working with Hillsborough County’s Cyber Safe initiative.

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